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February 26, 2010

Create JNDI bindings for WMQ

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The page describes about how to create jndi bindings files Websphere MQ.

The environment used to describe is as follows:

OS : Windows XP SP3
Websphere MQ: V6.0
Java: 1.6

Once Websphere MQ refered as WMQ from here onwards is installed navigate to the WMQ installation folder from command prompt.
Navigate to <WMQ Install location>\bin and execute the following commands

Create a queue manager


Start queue manager


Open mq command line environment


Define a local queue in mq command line

define qlocal(JMS_QUEUE)

Create a configuration file with contents


Navigate to <WMQ Install location>\Java\bin

Open JMSAdmin tool

 JMSAdmin.bat -v -cfg 

The above command opens JMSAdmin tool environment

Define JMS bindings for Connection factory by executing

define qcf(jms/testJMSQCF) qmgr(JMS_QUEUE_MANAGER)

JNDI name for the Connection factory will be “jms/testJMSQCF”

Define JMS binding for Queue by executing

define q(jms/testJMSQ) qmgr(JMS_QUEUE_MANAGER) queue(JMS_QUEUE)

JNDI name for the Queue will be “jms/testJMSQ”

This will create a .bindings file at location specified in the configuration file.

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